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Specialist Fields

Corporate Law
Our attorneys advise you in a manner which is based on trust and confidence in all questions of the formation of a company, ranging from domiciliation, restructuring and reorganization up to the dissolution of a company.
Company Acquisitions (M&A)
Furthermore, we provide you with advice with company acquisitions and sales, joint ventures, company investments as well as shareholders’ disputes.
International Law
We advise you in particular with cross-border sales contracts and contracts for work, services contracts, commercial agency contracts and distributor contracts, with the enforcement of claims abroad, enforcement of German debt instruments abroad and foreign debt instruments in Germany.
Trademark and Competition Law
We advise and represent you in all areas of trademark law, in particular, with national and international application of trademarks, domain designs and registered designs. We have a wide range of experience in copyright and design protection.
From a competition law perspective, we support you with all sales activities, examine the permissibility of advertising measures and provide you with assistance with preparation of cooperation and distribution contracts.
Law Governing Commercial Agents
We support you comprehensively in the field of commercial agency law and distributor contract law.
In this connection, we draft and examine contracts pursuant to German law and international law.
Labour Law
In the field of labour law, we offer you complete advice and representation with the establishment and termination of employment contracts, contract drafting with management employees, examination of contracts and risk analysis, as well as the law governing protection against unlawful dismissals and company restructuring.
Sales Law
We represent your interests completely with the conclusion and structuring of national and international sales contracts as well as with the preparation of general terms and conditions for your purchase and delivery contracts.
Furthermore, we provide assistance to you domestically and abroad with the collection of your claims and, where applicable, also with the enforcement of your claims in a court of law which arise from deliveries and services rendered.